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Interior & Exterior Painting Service

About Service

Cleanwise Interior & Exterior Painting Service is started as a support to all our clients from a "Single Point of Contact" perspective. It is convenient for a person to have a single point of contact for all maintenance works of your property than having to contact many people. Many of our clients are living abroad and it makes a lot of sense for them to engage Cleanwise to do the interior & exterior painting service because we are able to provide genuine service to them. Few Question & Answers: 1. When paint manufacturing companies have their own trusted painters, why should someone engage Cleanwise instead of going through the paint manufacturers? Paint companies support you only when you purchase their products. When you take a service from a paint company, it is taken for granted you are buying their products. Also, it is not necessary that the same team will come all the time for painting your house/office. They send painters registered with them who are available at that time in your local area. But for other maintenance works, you will have to keep contact of other such workers. When you engage Cleanwise, it is not just painting service alone, we become your 'Single Point of Contact' for almost all services of your property. Whether it be interior & exterior cleaning, security guards, painting, electrical & plumbing, well cleaning, water tank cleaning, etc, you only need to contact only us and we will organize these works for you. It becomes our responsibility that a work is done well. 2. Is engaging Cleanwise expensive? You will save money by engaging Cleanwise. We cut all sales commissions and transfer those savings to you. We keep a check on everything from quality of materials, consumption, usage, productivity, etc. All these add up to your savings. We only engage workers whom we know for several years, who have done works at our own properties, who are reliable. We make sure the workers use products exactly prescribed by the manufacturers so quality and durability is not compromised. 3. What is Cleanwise Advantage? We charge a nominal fee for the service. Note that our primary income is not from these projects. Our primary income comes from other category of businesses. Site Inspection: We do site inspection before we could provide you with a proposal and estimate. Hence please click on the "Book Site Visit" button and complete the steps so we can make a site visit.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

1. To cancel a Site Inspection, you must contact us at least 24 hours before the booked date/time. It will help us to reschedule the site inspection for you. 2. If you cancel a Service Booking before 48 hours to the scheduled service Date/Time, amount paid as advance will be refunded to you (after deducting any expenses incurred and bank charges, if any). 3. If you cancel a Service Booking between 48 - 24 hours to Service Date/Time, 50% of the site visit amount will be deducted and balance will be refunded to you (after deducting any expenses incurred and bank charges, if any). If the amount you paid us as advance is lesses than 50% of the agreed site visit charges, you will pay us the balance amount as requested. 4. If you cancel a Service Booking between 24 - 0 hours to Service Date/Time, no amount will be refunded that is paid as advance. 5. If you make a no show or isn't available at the site during the scheduled Date/Time, full amount of the site visit has to be paid by you. 6. If company has incurred any expenses which is over the advance amount paid, you are liable to clear those outstanding payments within 7 days.

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