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House Cleaning Services

About Service

Our House Cleaning Service compliments your desire in keeping your home clean. We have the following types of House Cleaning Services 1. Standard Cleaning 2. Deep Cleaning 3. Exterior Cleaning (Exterior wall, compound wall, pavement, etc) Add-ons 1. Weeds Clearing 2. Tree Trimming 3. Well Cleaning 4. Roof-Top Water Tank Cleaning Choose "Standard Cleaning" if; (a) You had guests at home for a few days and house needs a clean up. (b) You need a thorough clean up after a function or party at home (Example: Birthdays, Marriages, Housewarming, etc). (c) Your house was locked and kept for few days. (d) You have a baby at home who crawls on the floor. (e) Anyone among you is allergic (Example: Dust, dust mites, etc). Choose "Deep Cleaning" if; (a) It's a new house getting constructed. (b) You had renovation or maintenance works. (c) You had tenants who vacated the house. (d) You don't live here and the house is locked and kept most part of the year. And you are arriving for vacation. (e) Anyone in your family is returning home from hospital after a major surgery or treatment. (f) Anyone among you is allergic (Example: Dust, fungi, etc). HOW TO PROCEED? Click on the "Get a Quote" button, select the date/time, fill in the details and submit the form. It confirms an appointment with you. You will get a call from our office and we will provide you the quote. Once the quote is approved, we will schedule the service.

Reschedule and Cancellation Policy

1. To cancel a Site Inspection, you must contact us at least 24 hours before the booked date/time. It will help us to reschedule the site inspection for you. 2. If you cancel a Service Booking before 48 hours to the scheduled service Date/Time, amount paid as advance will be refunded to you (after deducting any expenses incurred and bank charges, if any). 3. If you cancel a Service Booking between 48 - 24 hours to Service Date/Time, 50% of the site visit amount will be deducted and balance will be refunded to you (after deducting any expenses incurred and bank charges, if any). If the amount you paid us as advance is lesses than 50% of the agreed site visit charges, you will pay us the balance amount as requested. 4. If you cancel a Service Booking between 24 - 0 hours to Service Date/Time, no amount will be refunded that is paid as advance. 5. If you make a no show or isn't available at the site during the scheduled Date/Time, full amount of the site visit has to be paid by you. 6. If company has incurred any expenses which is over the advance amount paid, you are liable to clear those outstanding payments within 7 days.

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